Who are we? Introducing – Cash Curator

All was good in the Cash Curator household; wealth was building, the path to financial freedom was mapped and I was on cruise control.  Until…..

It all fell apart

It was Father’s Day 2018, my two kids had just given me a card and some presents and I completely broke down. I was finally realising my family was falling apart around me and my world was about to be turned upside down.

My relationship with my long-term partner and mother of my two children came to an end. I had always been focused on money and building wealth but was I busy too busy focusing on my financial future. Perhaps not so much on the present. It tore me apart and I couldn’t even think about a financial blog even though it is my passion project. I was now a single dad with 2 kids. My financial plan seemed insignificant compared to the bomb that just went off in my life. I kept thinking to myself “what just happened?!”

This was not the way I was planning to introduce myself. When FIguy101 and I originally sat down, I was on cruise control and had it all planned out. I had been fanatic about money and budgeting and, truth be told, was probably a bit smug. Definitely more than annoying! Little did I realise that things were about to change.

Money, money, money!

I have always loved money. I loved having it and hated spending it. I have always been thrifty and a good saver, or so I thought. That was, until I discovered the FIRE community. I read and listened to The Mad Fientist, Mr Money Moustach, Retire in 1500 and thought; ‘this is exactly what I have been looking for’. Some people were saving over 70% of their salary and some people were already financially independent and they were younger than me! I had to have some of this.

Why write a blog?

I had been working with FIguy101 for several years, we worked with the same customers, went to meetings together and generally spent a lot of time talking about life in general. We realised that even though our lives had taken very different paths, our general outlook was similar.  In the time we have known each other we have both built successful careers, started families and generally matured from the bachelors that our younger selves were.

We were both interested in money, we knew we wanted more of it and we often got talking about blogs and podcasts that we were reading and listening to. Whilst this was not exclusively about finance, a lot of what we wanted to do in the future revolved around being free of the 9 to 5 grind and having more control of our time.  The financial education we were consuming was mainly focused on the American audience.  We wanted to change this, we had learnt so much and there was so much more to learn.  We wanted to have a UK take on it all.  We also firmly believed that we could expand the conversation by adding additional areas that we were both passionate about. We have both improved our value within the business we work and as such have increased our salary significantly over the years. We both enjoy fitness, the mental and physical aspects.  All of this boiled down to what we really enjoyed – Self Improvement.  Neither of us are happy sitting still; we want to build, develop and grow as people.  Hopefully we can share some of the life experience we have gained over the years, so others don’t have to learn the hard way, like we did.

My financial plan

Originally, I was aiming to retire in 10 years or less. Or at least that was my plan until the proverbial hit the fan. I’m rebuilding now and trying to work out a new plan. I have two kids to support and only one income now. I have a mortgage and bills to pay. I want to spend more time with my children but, I work long hours. Can I achieve my original goals and still be a good dad? Can a single dad achieve Financial Independence? How hard will my financial journey be now?

I would love to share what I have done so far to put myself in a good financial shape and show how I plan to develop this even further with what I am learning. This blog will act as my journal and hopefully one day my kids will be able to read it and be proud of what their dad has achieved.

What else floats my boat?

I’m particularly interested in wealth building. I used to think I was good at being frugal, until I found the FIRE community.  I enjoy self-improvement and so I plan to expand on these wider topics.  I also want to live a good life that my family will be proud of and not just be known as a penny pincher!

I work in tech and often evangelize about how technology is going to change the workplace and the future, so this may even crop up. If you mention SpaceX, Tesla or anything Elon Musk related then you are going to get my attention and you may not be able to stop me talking – you have been warned!

This is an account of my journey as I build wealth, work towards financial independence and try to be a better human being.

I like to finish with a quote so here is my first one:

“Finance is not merely about making money. It’s about achieving our deep goals and protecting the fruits of our labour. It’s about stewardship and, therefore, about achieving the good society” Robert J. Shiller

Cash Curator

You can also find me on Twitter. I am always happy to chat about finance, kids and dad life. Alternatively, please leave your e-mail address to get notified when we release new content.

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