UK Personal Finance Flow Chat

Where to put your money when (according to the r/FIREUK Reddit community).

UK Personal Finance Advice and Forums

Martin Lewis is the UK Personal Finance man for the masses. His website has lots of resources and forums.

Financial Independence Spreadsheets

Essential spreadsheets courtesy of the MadFIentist. Spreadsheets are in dollars but a great starting point.

How to open an online investing account

Courtesy of The Monevator.

Car Buying Guide

In today’s world of HP, PCP, personal loan or cash, what are the things to know?

Big Ern: Safe Withdrawal Rate Series

US-based, but what this guy doesn’t know about things to consider when drawing down funds isn’t worth knowing!

Money Advice Service

The obligatory duty of care link. If you’re in trouble and worried, check these guys out.

The Calculator Site – Compound Interest Calculator

A site with a wealth of different finance calculators, this Compound Interest Calculator can take in to account factors like initial and monthly deposits, compound interval and whether to account for inflation. And no, you can’t write ‘funny’ numbers in it, sadly.






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